Welcome to Birds-in-Flight, our work-in-progress website
dedicated to audiovisual identification of birds on migration.

As professional ornithologists we find us regularly confronted
with the identification of birds in flight – mostly far away,
in high altitudes, poor light, stiff wind – providing just a few
visual key features or key parts of their vocalisations.

Beside a general interest for annual animal movements that
problem turned into a passion (our friends and partners
would most likely say obsession) and we would like to share
our enthusiasm and accumulated experience with other
serious birders.

The focus of our collection is on western palearctic species
plus some eastern eurasian species with vagrancy potential
for comparison.

Our knowledge is based on own field observations but in equal
parts on discussions with fellow ornithologists and birders,
literature, drawings, websites, sound recordings, photographs
of others.

We would like to thank our mentors and people who have
shared their knowledge in the field and fruitful discussions:

Andreas Buchheim, Simone Grüttner, Jens Halbauer,
Thomas Hallfarth, Wieland Heim, Marcus Held, Steffen
Koschkar, Peter Nuyten, Magnus Robb, Thomas Sacher,
Michael Schulz, Arnoud van den Berg, Jan von Rönn
and Arend Wassink

In particular we would like to thank our partners, families and
friends for their support and patience!