Bonelli’s Eagle
Aquila fasciata

>> GENERAL >>>>>

– large raptor, larger than a buzzard
– diurnal migrant, strictly over land
– migrates singly, at migration bottlenecks sometimes mixed with other raptors

>> VISUAL ID >>>>>

Bonelli’s Eagle Aquila f. fasciata, 2CY
BIF1545, 17/02/2015, Oman, Mathias Putze
– can resemble JUV Crested Honey Buzzard (BIF1704) but different wing shape with finer barring of the remiges
– stronger head and bill
– wing with hint of dark carpal patch and greater coverts band

Bonelli’s Eagle Aquila f. fasciata, 2CY
BIF1546, 17/02/2015, Oman, Mathias Putze
– very pale individual moulting the inner primaries
– darker carpal ‘commas’ and greater coverts band can be missing
– fine barring of the fingers extends to the tip

Bonelli’s Eagle Aquila f. fasciata, AD
BIF1542, 19/02/2015, Oman, Mathias Putze
– pale yellow iris
– mantle with diagnostic white patch
– grey tail with broad black terminal bar

Bonelli’s Eagle Aquila f. fasciata, AD
BIF1543, 19/02/2015, Oman, Mathias Putze
– mottled rather than barred dusky secondaries and inner primaries
– contrasting broad black greater coverts band and trailing edge to wing and tail
– thin dark streaked white body
– brown barred undertail coverts

Bonelli’s Eagle Aquila f. fasciata, AD
BIF1544, 19/02/2015, Oman, Mathias Putze
– when gliding typical long-tailed and narrow handed silhouette

>> ACOUSTIC ID >>>>>

– usually nonvocal during migration


Booted Eagle (v)
Long-legged Buzzard (v)
Crested Honey Buzzard (v)

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